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About this course

How cool would be if you had an app where you could share your drawings with friends in real time as you draw it? What if they could draw with you in the same canvas but on a different device? It doesn’t matter if you’re next to each other or on the opposite sides of the world.
Now wouldn’t be even cooler if you had designed, created and built this app all on our own?
This is what we are offering in this course and you will not just learn how to build this app, but you will also learn all the secrets behind it. You will master Firebase (the real time framework from Google). You will learn about NSNotication (how to send user Info to all in the app), stack views (the new layout designer in iOS 9), and so much more.
Firebase starts with a FREE tier that can be used even in your commercial applications, it also comes with a very simple to use API that can be used for iOS (including Swift), Android, and JavaScript so you don’t have to worry about compatibility; and it also comes with a very easy to use dashboard web interface.

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You will learn

  • Everything you need to know to build this app in Firebase
  • How to use stack view the new layout designer in iOS 9
  • The secrets about notification, how to send user Info to all in the app
  • Proper and elegant error handling in Swift
  • Proper and elegant code refactoring in Swift
  • Proper and elegant use of enum in Swift
  • Proper and elegant use of inheritance in Swift

What are you going to get from this course

  • You will be able to create our own fully customized login screens
  • You will learn how to properly reuse code in different projects
  • How to handle errors and refactor code in quick and elegant way
  • Over 40 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • Install cocoa pods
  • Create an application that connect to parse
  • Create/login/logout users at parse
  • Install parse open source pods into the application

Who is the target audience

  • People that have some previous experience in programming, or who have taken any kind of programming course before, or at least know what a variable, a class and a loop are.
  • People who want to make real apps using proper methodology
  • Entrepreneurs who have an idea for an app and don’t want to pay somebody thousands to build it.
  • Developers from different languages that want to start to program in the new and exciting program language – Swift
  • Career development professionals who want to earn money via contract work, consulting, full-time employment and so forth.
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